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We conduct Estate Sales and downsizings sales in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.   Linda Vann Odom and her great staff work together to make the most of your valuables.

Linda Vann Odom
Linda is a life-long collector of antiques & has been buying and selling since she was young. She has a B.S. from the University of Houston in Clothing, Textiles & Merchandising.  She worked for many years in the wholesale Fashion, Gift & Publishing industries.  She is an Antique Dealer at the I-44 Antique Mall and has sold online since 1999.
About LVM Estate Sales
LVM Estate Sales has been serving the Tulsa area since
1981.   Working through referrals,  LVM Estate Sales 
(division of LVM Sales) started in 2002 and has
accumulated a large repeat customer attendance at 
their sales, with thousands of clients on their e-mail list.